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Nonprofit Bookkeeping

We'll get your books in order quickly and efficiently so you can focus on your mission.


Our small, highly trained team are experts in nonprofit bookkeeping. We can upgrade your systems and help establish simple procedures. And we do it all for one simple rate. 

Happy Clients Include

Joe and his team have been incredible at helping us get organized. They're very knowledgeable about nonprofit bookkeeping, super organized, meticulous, and fun to work with. I couldn't recommend a better bookkeeping service. You won't regret working with Mighty Nonprofits!

Stephanie, Sr. Director of Operations and Communication

Aspects of our Bookkeeping Service

We are a small team obsessed with detail, simplicity, and processes.  

Nonprofit bookkeeper

Knowledge meets simplicity

Yes, we know how to track all the complexities of restricted funds, but most importantly, we know how to set up a simple process that is easy for the client and delivers clear reports. We use technology to leverage our extensive accounting into clear processes and deliverables. This means accurate books with less hassle.

Nonprofit bookkeeper near me

Unlimited Support

You have constant access to one-on-one consultations and unlimited support when questions arise. Nothing is static as a nonprofit and we are there to adjust and integrate processes as things change and grow. Joe is always just a click or a phone call away.

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Smooth Process

We can quickly and smoothly fix your books and restructure your system while customizing it to fit your needs and unique staffing structure. We can also set up and integrate payroll, online bill pay, etc. This is what we do.

Nonprofit Specific

We only do bookkeeping for nonprofit organizations. Therefore, we understand your specific needs and reporting requirements. We also understand your limitations and will meet you where you're at. 

You'll get the reports you need, when you need them, every month. And yes, this even includes reports on your grant balances.

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nonprofit bookkeeping

What sets us apart?


Personalized Services

Joe answers the phone when you call and is integral to every client relationship. We have grown over the years, but slowly, often closing our doors to new clients for 6 months or more. You are our partner, not just another number. We care about what you do, and the services you receive reflect this. 

Highly Experienced Team


The majority of our bookkeepers have a bachelor's degree in accounting. They are also highly trained in the specifics of nonprofit bookkeeping. This is unusual for a bookkeeping company because bookkeeping does not require a degree or certification. This means every level of your bookkeeping has a professional set of eyes on it from top to bottom.


All-Inclusive Services, Simple Rate

Everything we do is one low rate. This lets you easily predict your cash flow and manage your precious dollars. We do all the higher-level monthly closing and oversight of your books, including cost allocations, reconciliations, restricted fund adjustments, and more. We also manage your payroll, store all your receipts, file 1099s, provide monthly reports, give feedback on processes and procedures, and answer all your questions.  


Automated Approach

We are an adaptive company that embraces new technologies once they are proven to be effective. We use the most up-to-date technologies and integrations internally as a team, and with our bookkeeping processes. Our team is trained and certified on this software and we have relationships with these companies. Having these automations saves everyone time and money. Current integrations include QuickBooks Online,, Gusto, Ramp, Stripe, Square, Donor Box, Expensify, GiveButter, Network for Good, and more.

Common Needs of Nonprofits

Correcting the System

nonprofit bookkeeping

Many nonprofits start their bookkeeping system ad-hoc, perhaps with little professional advice.  Then the organization grows and they need a bookkeeping system that does more.  ​

Setting up a New System

nonprofit bookkeeping

It's great when organizations set up their bookkeeping systems correctly from the start. Some start as fiscally sponsored projects but eventually need to track things themselves. Others want it correct from the get-go.

Need a New Bookkeeper

nonprofit bookkeeper

Especially for smaller organizations, outsourcing your bookkeeping makes sense.  However, finding someone who truly understands nonprofits and knows how to track grants correctly can be hard.  

Whatever your situation.  Give us a call and let's see whats possible.

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