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More than just bookkeeping!

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No matter where you're at in your financial management, my services can be tailored to fit your needs and help build your capacity.

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Nonprofit Specific

Nonprofits face unique accounting challenges: limited staff capacity, complex grant tracking, and additional reporting requirements. Furthermore, each nonprofit varies in their needs and capacities.  I'm here to meet you where you're at and help you fulfill your mission. 

Types of Services

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System Set-Up

Budgeting & Planning

Training & Capacity Building


Bookkeeping Services

Unlike accountants, I come from the nonprofit world and understand the specifics of nonprofits financial reporting needs. I provide nonprofit bookkeeping for many clients small and large. 

Bookkeeping services include:

  • Complete oversight of income and expenses

  • Receipt collection and organization

  • Monthly reporting and board templates

  • Reconciliation of accounts 

  • and more...

Everyone's needs are different.  Please don't hesitate to call and discuss your needs.

System Set-Up

In the beginning we do the best we can.  Eventually, it's time to get professional help to get our system on track.  I help nonprofits upgrade their bookkeeping systems so they can track grants, monitor program budgets, and get in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).  

Whether you are a new organization, or re-vamping an old system, I can help you implement a clean and effective bookkeeping process that is in compliance with nonprofit standards.  I can also help you draft your fiscal policies and procedures and help you decide how to build your internal financial management capacity.

Budgeting & Planning

Not all budgeting is created equally.  For nonprofits especially, it can be difficult to project uncertain revenue streams and to fully capture the full costs of running programs.  

I help nonprofits to break their budgets out by programs, to effectively project revenue, and to split shared expenses across their grants and programs.  


That's just the beginning.  With accurate budgeting, we can use budget to actual reports to track fundraising and spending, run scenario budgets for uncertain futures, and have confidence in the organizations's future. 

Training & Capacity Building

For many organizations it makes more sense for you to do your own bookkeeping and financial management, but the staff may not yet have the skills they need.  Although I love ongoing clients, I'm happy when I can work myself out of job and help nonprofits to have all the capacity they need. 

  • Basic nonprofit bookkeeping

  • Financial manager training

  • Board training

  • Interactive one-on-one training with video conferencing and tutorials

  • Workshops and webinars


Having worked with nonprofits of all sizes, I understand that sometimes there is no one-size-fits-all solution.  It can be helpful to talk with an expert to get direction, advice, or just another opinion.

  • Phone, video, or interactive remote computer support

  • Strategic consulting, or simple questions

  • Affordable rates and short appointments available 

Free 30-minute consultation available to everyone

Common Needs of Nonprofits

Correcting the System

Small nonprofit services fundraising

Many nonprofits start their bookkeeping system ad-hoc, perhaps with little professional advice.  Then the organization grows and they need a bookkeeping system that does more.  ​

Setting up a New System

small nonprofit services communication

It's great when organizations set up their bookkeeping systems correctly from the start.  Some start as fiscally sponsored projects but eventually need to track things themselves. Others want it correct from the get-go.

Need a New Bookkeeper

small nonprofit services consulting

Especially for smaller organizations, outsourcing your bookkeeping makes sense.  But it can be hard to find someone that truly understands nonprofits and knows how to track grants correctly.  

Whatever your situation.  Give me a call and let's see whats possible.

but don't just take it from me, here's what my clients say...

Elyshia, Arawaka

We didn’t have the time or the skill-set to create the systems we needed. Joe came in and did it all efficiently, intelligently, and was really good to work with.

Brad, Corelight

He is not only timely, accurate, and well organized, but his easy-going, peaceful nature puts me very much at ease and makes dealing with our finances a no-stress situation.

Dianne, PISL

Joe has taught me how to use online technology tools, and set up an accounting system. Joe is dependable, honest and reliable (just an email or phone call away!)

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