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Bookkeeping System Setup or Modification

In the beginning, we do the best we can. Eventually, it's time for professional help to get our bookkeeping system on track. I've helped dozens of nonprofits upgrade their bookkeeping systems so they can track grants, monitor program budgets, and get in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).  

Accounting Services for Nonprofits

Setting Up a New Bookkeeping System

Your chart of accounts and class structure are the foundation of your accounting system. These are specifically designed to fit the needs of your organization. When done correctly, tracking and reporting are quick and easy. 

I set up my clients with all the proper accounts for an accrual-based nonprofit bookkeeping system that can track direct and indirect costs per program, grant, and functional expense category.  

Tracking Grants Correctly

It should be easy to see how much is left in a grant, what expenses are allocated, what needs to be reimbursed, and so much more. This information should be at your fingertips to manage the grant well. 


Creating grant budgets should be easy. Too often, nonprofits write grant proposals that are limited to specific new program expenses instead of including essential operating costs such as management time and a share of the rent. You need an office to run a program. Therefore, a portion of the rent should be allocated to that program. As a program expense, this can be included in your grants. I can show you how. 

Tracking Restricted Funds and Equity Accounts

Besides just tracking grant balances, a nonprofit should have their equity accounts broken up by funds with donor restrictions and funds without donor restrictions. Ideally, you have an operating reserve set up as well. I can help you standardize these equity accounts in accordance with GAAP.

Customized Report Generation

In your new accounting system, I can create standardized reports that you can run to track your budget to actuals, fund balances, and more. 

Access and Information

I use Quickbooks Online. This allows the client access and ownership of the accounting. You can see your books and memorized reports, and give board members various viewing privileges if desired. 

Correct Balance Sheet Tracking

Your balance sheet should show your unrestricted and restricted balances and your other asset, liability, and equity accounts. I can help you set these up and track them correctly. 

Tracking Payroll 

I can help you set up an effective payroll system or modify your accounting system to fit your correct payroll system. 

Compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

GAAP has new requirements for nonprofit accounting standards. I stay abreast of all changes and help my clients to stay in compliance. 

Free 30-minute consultation available to everyone

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