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Training & Capacity Building

I approach organizations where they are and work with what they have.  If you are a growing organization and your goal is to move towards having the internal capacity to do your own financial management, I can help you get there.  

Aspects of Training & Capacity Building

Bookkeeping Training

For many organizations it makes sense to do your own bookkeeping.  But not everyone has the skillset necessary to do so.  I can help train you and your staff to accurately account for all your finances.  Often, after setting up new bookkeeping systems for clients, I then continue to work with them to help them build the capacity to manage and take ownership of their systems.  

Training Financial Managers

Fiscal literacy is an essential component of good nonprofit management, but it's an area that's often missed when nonprofit managers climb the ladder.  Many come up through programs, or from fundraising and haven't yet learned all they need to know in order to manage the organization's finances effectively.  I can help you identify and fill in those gaps.  

Board Training
Board members are the legal fiduciaries of the organization.  Their mandate is to provide oversight over the organization's financials.  Many boards, however, lack the proper training to know how to analyze financial statements and ask the right questions to staff.  Including financial training in your board development deepens the fiscal literacy of your organization and helps them do their jobs better.  I've trained many boards and they are always grateful. 
I provide hands on training for bookkeepers, managers, board members, and founders.  Through video conferencing, screen-sharing and sample quickbooks accounts, I'm able to provide in-depth training on any issue you need.
Group Training
Webinars and other group trainings are available for boards, groups of staff members, or coalitions of organizations.  This can be an effective way to build fiscal literacy throughout your organization
For foundations, capacity building groups, and coalitions, I've led many in-person trainings and workshop on topics ranging from Nonprofit Financial Basics, Budgeting for Nonprofits, and Better Grant Budgets.  Please let me know if you'd like me to help provide capacity building for your network. 
Free 30-minute consultation available to everyone
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