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About Mighty Nonprofits

We provide high quality bookkeeping services that are customized to our nonprofit clients. We are not a large firm with hundreds of clients, and we like it that way. We think you will too. 

Mighty Nonprofit's mission is to increase the efficacy of the nonprofit sector through providing small and medium sized nonprofits with the highest quality bookkeping services available.


Why we do what we do? A message from the founder

Since I was young I've always wanted to "save the world". Most of my life was spent trying to figure out exactly how.  My goal was to find that secret lever, that if pulled, would be the catalyst to change the world. Was it through promoting mindfulness, increasing awareness of social justice issues, fighting for conservation, or focusing on healing generational trauma?  Was the solution economic, political, or social in nature?

For my undergrad, I studied contemplative traditions, while also working and volunteering for different causes. I was trying to search inward and outward for solutions. Although the exact answer to my question wasn't coming, It became clear that the most effective actor for the kind of change I wanted to see in the world was the nonprofit sector.  The nonprofit sector was independent from other institutions of power and their various priorities. They were able to focus on the mission above all else.  


After my undergrad I was exposed to some wonderful nonprofit organizations through my travels and work experience. The leaders of these organizations were inspiring teachers, committed activists, brilliant scientists, and doctors. But they were not trained in finance or business.  Although their programs were strong, the organizations struggled because of their lack of business skills.

That's when it all became clear. My mission in life was to help nonprofits do their job better. I didn't need to found my own nonprofit, or focus on the one most important cause, I could help everyone else to do their work better. I went back to grad school, learned as much as I could and have been helping nonprofits ever since. Mighty Nonprofits is changing the world, one number at a time. 

We envision a better world for all of life due to the hard work of the nonprofit sector. 


Meet the Team

Mighty Nonprofits is a diverse team of highly educated and experienced accounting professionals.  Every member of our team has received intensive nonprofit training on top of their extensive education. 

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