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About Mighty Nonprofits

Mighty Nonprofits was founded by Joe Golinveaux. Joe has over 20 years experience in the nonprofit field and holds a masters degree focused on nonprofit management. 


Joe started on the ground working with NGO's in Latin America.  After starting in programs, he made his way into fundraising, marketing and eventually found his home in financial management.  


Joe worked as a financial management consultant and freelance bookkeeper for many years before finally founding Mighty Nonprofits  in 2015. 

Nonprofit Resources

"After my undergraduate studies I travelled and volunteered throughout Latin America.  Eventually I came to the realization that all of these big-hearted NGO's had great programs and goals, but many lacked the skills to run a nonprofit.  This was the "Ahaa!" moment that has guided my career. I don't need to save the world myself, but I can help others do their work, better" 

Joe currently resides in the Bay Area, CA with his wife, 2yr old daughter and their dog Boo.  Joe has a deeply committed spiritual practice that informs and inspires his work in the world.  When he is not working or in ceremony, he likes to go tracking, play soccer, and play with his little one. 


Mighty Nonprofit's mission is to make the world a better place for all life by building the capacity of those who are working towards the same goal.


Mighty Nonprofits was started because there are few to no services focusing on small nonprofits.  Coming from the nonprofit world, I understand the challenges nonprofits face and the lack of help available to them.  Too often, accounting firms either wont take on small nonprofit organizations, or don't understand the added complexity of nonprofit standards.


When clients find me, they are overjoyed.  They tell me how hard it's been to find someone who understands their situation and offers the services they need.   


My bookkeeping services are customizable to fit your needs.  Your mission is important and I want you to thrive. Let's talk and see how I can help. 

My Process

I start each new client relationship by listening.  A free phone or Zoom video consultation helps us to understand each other's needs and capacities. From there we decide on which services are most needed.  


Choose Services

Based on the need, we choose one or several services.  For example, we may decide to re-structure your accounting system and then engage in ongoing bookkeeping.  Or perhaps your structure is already fine and we simply need to start with the bookkeeping. These are not one-size-fits-all services because every organization is unique.  


Work Flow

All my work is done remotely. I am available to meet in person for clients in the Bay Area, CA, but I've found that screen sharing and video conversations are equally effective. I have clients all over North America. 


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