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You deserve to have a bookkeeping system that gives you timely and accurate reporting so you can make strategic decisions.  You also deserve the peace of mind from knowing your bookkeeping is being taken care of by a professional that understands nonprofits.


Nonprofit bookkeeping has several distinct differences from for-profit bookkeeping.  These include tracking grants, reporting on restricted income, and allocating indirect expenses to programs. Your bookkeeping needs to include these processes and it needs to be specific to your organization.

Too often I see large accounting firms lump nonprofit clients into their large portfolios and create generic accounting structures.  This prevents nonprofits from having the information they need to do their jobs well. 


Your mission is my mission.  I have a direct relationship with every client, and know that your organization is unique. 

Aspects of Bookkeeping Services

Access and Information
I use Quickbooks Online.  This gives the client access to the accounting system and ownership of it. You can see your books, your memorized reports, and give various levels of viewing privileges to board members if desired. 
My goal is to help you have full understanding and control of your organization's finances so that you can track to your budget regularly.  
Documentation Organizing
I help you collect and organize all receipts and documentation online.  Having a paper trail for all transactions is an essential component of your fiscal controls and necessary compliance with GAAP.
Monthly Reconciliation
Every month, I reconcile your accounts to the statements.  This includes any bank accounts, money market accounts, or fundraising platform accounts.
Monthly Reporting
After reconciliation I produce monthly reports for your organization including budget to actual reports, balance sheets, and grant balance reports.  I can help you standardize these reports for your board and provide you with templates for creating a financial narrative to accompany your financial statements.  
Grant Tracking
Gone are the days when you need to track grant balances separately in an excel sheet. I can track your grant balances and budgets within your accounting system. 
Correct Balance Sheet Tracking
Your balance sheet should show your unrestricted and your restricted balances as well as all your other asset, liability and equity accounts.  I can help you set these up and track them correctly. 
1099 Filings
Tracking your vendors correctly and issuing 1099s to them and filing the 1096 to the IRS. 
Tracking Payroll 
I can help you setup an effective payroll system or modify your accounting system to fit your correct payroll system. 
Compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
GAAP has new requirements for nonprofits accounting standards.  I stay abreast of all changes and help my clients to stay in compliance. 
Free 30-minute consultation available to everyone
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