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There are many moving parts within a nonprofit's financial policies and procedures. Talking to an expert, even for an hour, can provide insight and direction. 

Nonprofit Financial Consulting

Bookkeeping Systems

Are you looking to make a change to your current bookkeeping system? Should you outsource your accounting or hire a new staff person? What are your options? 

Difficult Financial Situation

If you're currently facing a difficult financial situation, I can help. You may need to make cuts but aren't sure where to do it. How do you map out a plan to move forward? I can help you get the information you need to analyze the data and make the strategic decisions to move forward.

Operating Reserves and Future Planning
Are you ready to start building an operating reserve? Let me help you get there. 
Fiscal Policies and Procedures
Did you know that seven percent of nonprofit revenue is lost to fraud annually? Does your organization have the appropriate controls in place to prevent this? I can help advise you through crafting your fiscal controls to clarify your system to prevent the potential for fraud and eliminate the potential for blame.
Every organization is different, even though they often share similar struggles. Please feel free to reach out to explore ways to move forward. 
Free 30-minute consultation available to everyone
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