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nonprofit bookkeeping firm

We know  nonprofits

What makes us different

Unlike most bookkeeping firms, we actually understand nonprofits.  Whatever your current struggles are, it’s likely that we’ve worked with someone in a similar situation. Because we only work with nonprofits, we know what the major pain points are and how to fix them.

The Purpose of the Numbers

We not only understand nonprofit accounting, but we understand how the accounting fits with fundraising, board management, and mission based reporting.


Having come from the nonprofit sector, our founder has built our systems so that they feed into the other goals of a nonprofit. The goal of the bookkeeping is to provide program staff, management, development, and the board with the metrics they need to do their work, and make important decisions.


For fundraising, we can show the full costs of programs so that these costs can be written into better grant budgets.


For management and program staff, we can provide programmatic budget versus actuals and unrestricted fund balances so that important program planning can happen.


For the board we present the finances in simple formats that make the financial picture clear.  We provide resources for board training and report templates to ensure the board understands the finances.


In this way, we are not just bookkeepers who keep our heads down and get lost in the numbers.  We understand the purpose of the numbers and how they fit into your mission.

Highly Trained Staff

Bookkeepers with Accounting Degrees

The majority of our bookkeepers have a bachelor's degree in accounting. They are also highly trained in the specifics of nonprofit bookkeeping. This is unusual for a bookkeeping company because bookkeeping does not require a degree or certification. This means every level of your bookkeeping has a professional set of eyes on it from top to bottom.

Small & Responsive

Joe answers the phone when you call and is integral to every client relationship. We have grown over the years, but slowly, often closing our doors to new clients for 6 months or more. You are our partner, not just another number. We care about what you do, and the services you receive reflect this. 

Flat Rate, No Surprises

Our pricing is transparent. Everything we do is one low monthly fee with no surprises. The fee depends upon the complexity of your books and is based upon a $72/hr calculation. 

We Do More

As you can see, we do a lot. We are a part of your team and we want you to succeed. We close your books completely so they’re ready for tax filing and audits. We communicate with you constantly and answer questions. We file 1099s. We manage payroll.  All of this is included in your fee.

What We Don't Do

Nonprofit Tax Filing

We do not file the 990 tax form, however we work very closely with Marj Tax for 990 filings. She is one of the best in the business. Marjorie is responsive, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable. 

Nonprofit Audit

We do not conduct nonprofit audits, but we work closely with Irnya Accountancy Corporation for audits and review. Iryna and her team are experts with nonprofit accounting. They are extremely kind and helpful.

Sound Good?   Give us a call and let's see whats possible.

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