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Nonprofit Bookkeeping Services Office

Smooth Processes

How we do it

Our process has been honed over years of working with nonprofit organizations.  From our onboarding process, all the way through to reporting, we try to make your life easier. 

Ongoing Support and Capacity Building


One of the reasons our clients love working with us is because they are always learning. We provide ongoing support and explanations as new things arise. Through the use of online resources, emails and zoom calls, our clients are constantly getting the answers to their questions and learning about nonprofit finance.

We Are Responsive

We are a small company and you are not just another number. We know you and you know us. We like to consider ourselves part of the team. When you ask a question, we get back to you quickly. We’ve found that with responsive communication we’re able to solve problems quickly and efficiently. 

Thorough Onboarding Process


You will appreciate the clarity and organization of our onboarding process. By the end of the process we will have a shared Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that explains exactly how we will be working together. There is no ambiguity.

Meetings and Forms

After we’ve completed our free consultations and estimates and signed contracts, you’ll receive a form to fill out. This includes some very basic information that will inform our onboarding calls. Using a simple booking link, you’ll then schedule your onboarding calls. In these zoom calls we will talk through what you need, what we need, and how we’ll work together. This usually takes 2-3 60-minute calls. If we are also doing a restructuring process it will take an additional 1-2 calls.

Standard Operating Procedure

The result of our onboarding calls is a very clear Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). This is written explanation of exactly how we’ll be working together and includes things like: what to do with receipts, how your payroll works, how we’ll be tracking your restricted funds, when you’ll get reports, etc.

Onboarding Never Truly Ends

Unlike bigger companies, once the onboarding is over, our communication does not stop. We will still be in constant email communication and will set up meetings as needed to make sure that everything is working smoothly.

Even though we’ve mapped everything out clearly, you may still have questions and concerns that arise as we put things into practice. We understand this and will continue to help. 

Although most clients fall into a very clear and steady routine with the finances, we are always available to answer questions and meet to discuss new processes as they arise.

Tried and True Processes

The Process is Easy on You

Over the years, we have changed and adapted with feedback from our clients. The result is a process that is simple, clear, and consistent. Because we understand the needs and challenges of nonprofit organizations, our workflow is structured with you in mind.

Complicated Processes Made Simple

The bookkeeping structure and processes that we use with our small clients are the same ones we use with our large clients. These structure is simple, yet scalable. This design allows for us to present both simple and complex reports. The detail is there if you need it, but it can be presented simply as well. We’ve worked out all the kinks in the process already so that you don’t have to.

High Tech

Adaptive and Learning

We are an adaptive company that embraces new technologies once they are proven to be effective. We use the most up-to-date technologies and integrations internally as a team, and with our bookkeeping processes. This allows us to create automations when appropriate and save everyone time and money.

Trained and Certified

Our team is trained and certified on this software and we have relationships with these companies. Having these automations saves everyone time and money. Current integrations include QuickBooks Online,, Gusto, Ramp, Stripe, Square, Donor Box, Expensify, GiveButter, Network for Good, and more. We stay up to speed on QuickBooks Online updates and new features to make sure that you always have the best service available.

Grant Reporting

We have a tried and true process for tracking restricted funds.  Each month you will receive a report that shows how every penny was spent as well as the current balance of each of your restricted funds.

Sound Good?   Give me a call and let's see whats possible.

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